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If you need to travel to nearby cities or several hours across the state, let us help you make that journey easier with long distance towing.

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From local towns to neighboring cities

Long Distance Towing

Long distance towing is different from our other local and emergency towing services. Sometimes you need to tow your car beyond our local area. Not to worry. Tualatin Towing Service is equipped with tools and transport vehicles necessary to get you anywhere from local neighboring towns, cities in other counties, or other parts of the country.

Long distance towing is needed if transporting a vehicle over 100 miles, so please discuss with us what you need and we will help in the best way that we can.

By its very nature, long distance towing requires more time and challenges. There are many details that go into the professional transport of your vehicle. The cost of long distance towing depends on the distance you need to go and the type of vehicle you need towed.

When you speak to us for a long distance towing quote or to make travel arrangements, we'll ask you several logistics questions so you can be prepared with what to expect as well as understand the costs and time involved.

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When is Long Distance Towing Needed?

These towing services require special flat bed towing carriers, which are up to 75 ft in length and may sometimes contain two levels. These are commonly found on the interstate, when car dealerships are transporting new models.

Some long distance tows may even be handled cross country, so please check with us first to see if we can help. Costs for long distance towing varies of course, and may cost upwards of $7 per mile.

There are many reasons why you may need our long distance towing services:

  • Damaged vehicles that require special mechanical services unavailable in the local area.
  • If you’re moving and can’t or don’t want to drive your vehicle to the new destination.
  • If you’re selling your vehicle to someone outside of the local area.
  • If you need to transport specialized or vintage vehicles displayed at car shows.

Whatever the reason, Tualatin Towing Services ensures our long distance towing team has the trucks and the experience needed to get your vehicle to wherever you need to go.

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